VCT Vinyl Stripping & Waxing Tile Floors

One way to keep your VCT & Vinyl stripping & waxing tile floors looking their bestVCT Vinyl stripping waxing tile floors and to protect your investment is to remove the wax buildup, which causes a yellow tint or dingy color. Some tile floor care products, including tile soaps and mop-on type finishes, promise to keep your floors looking shiny…and that’s ok for a while. However, over time the acrylic wax builds up like a shell, leaving floors looking dull and hazy, with a sticky wax build-up.

Remove old wax layers and freshen up your floor with Laguna Clean’s Wax or Finish Removal Services. Our technicians use the tools and process to gently and effectively cut through the hazy wax buildup leaving clean, sparkling floors. You will see and feel the clean.

Tile & Grout Floor Services

Tile Cleaning
Grout Sealing
Wax & Finish Removal
Restoration Cleaning Services

Tile flooring stands up to repeated spills and traffic and withstands regular moisture, but all tile flooring requires regular cleaning and sealing to maintain and protect your investment. Call Laguna Clean at (949) 267-3765 to find out about all of our tile cleaning and grout sealing, wax removal, and restoration cleaning services. Our friendly operators are standing by to take your call.

It’s also important to know that VCT manufacturers coat their product with one thin coat of an acrylic finish for protection during shipping and storage. Because this coating provides no gloss and minimal protection from foot traffic, your tile must be scrubbed and coated with an generous amount of floor finish. Be sure to take note that newly installed flooring should not be scrubbed for two weeks to allow the mastic adequate time to bond. Cleaning or polishing too early and you risk damaging the flooring.

Keep in mind that entryways, lobbies, and other high traffic areas especially on entrance levels may require more frequent cleaning than lower traffic areas of the building. These types of areas may require additional maintenance or extra coats of protection.