Tile & Grout Cleaning Service


If little feet and furry friends have dirtied your tile flooring, Tile Grout Cleaning Servicescontact Laguna Clean to brighten your tiles and whiten your grout. Soil build-up on the tile surface typically occurs gradually and somewhat evenly. So the actual degree of soiling may not be apparent and go unnoticed, we can help with your tile grout cleaning services.

Tile & Grout Floor Services

Laguna Clean’s tile and grout cleaning service includes our professional hot water extraction method and we also use a patented tool designed specifically for cleaning tile and grout. You may be surprised at the visual difference a professional cleaning of your tile and especially your grout can make. Our service technician will clean a sample area at no cost to you to show the difference our tile cleaning makes.

Tile Cleaning
Grout Sealing
Wax & Finish Removal
Restoration Cleaning
Tile flooring stands up to repeated spills and traffic and withstands regular moisture, but all tile flooring requires regular cleaning and sealing to maintain and protect your investment. Call Laguna Clean at (949) 267-3765 to find out about all of our tile cleaning and grout sealing, wax removal, and restoration cleaning services. Our friendly operators are standing by to take your call.

Laguna Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

To keep your ceramic tile floors and counter tops clean and sparkling, rely on the Clean Trust Certified Cleaning Technicians at Laguna Clean. Our Clean Trust Certified Cleaning Technicians are specialists at removing stains from tough areas like shower tile and grout.

We use a tile and grout cleaning process that eliminates dirt and discoloration.
We use the latest equipment and steam cleaning methods to remove deep set dirt from living room, kitchen, bathroom and shower tiles.
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