Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Laguna Niguel CA – Services customers in Laguna for over 25 years in the most cost effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services using powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning units designed for handling any size job in Laguna Niguel CA. Commercial Buildings require special cleaning machines to get stains and traffic lanes clean and normal soil Accumulation in any office space and requires periodic steam carpet cleaning.
Experience Really Counts! Serving Laguna Niguel, CA and

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Orange County for 25 years. Our commercial carpet & rug cleaning clients re-up year after year…Our firm cleans of all types of commercial buildings. Our reputation for maintaining and restoring your carpet and upholstery speaks for itself. Spots, Stains, Repairs we extend the life when others can not.
Our environmentally responsible carpet and detail cleaning cleaners employ state of the art Laguna carpet, stone and hard surface cleaning systems that restore and maintain over 25 million square feet per year. We service AAA hotels & motels, office buildings, convention centers, flex space, GSA , law firms, apartment/condo buildings and the list goes on. We are ready to custom design your carpet cleaning program.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service Areas:
Laguna Niguel

Laguna Beach

Laguna Woods
Let’s talk about the carpet cleaning maintenance program that is appropriate for you. Does not matter if you are located in Laguna Niguel and Orange County CA area our five-stage evaluation process is a unique approach:
First: everyone’s needs are different. Our free initial consultation includes questions involving the age, manufacturer, condition, building occupant health considerations, cleaning history, use life goals, and, of course, the budget.

Second: we address and prescribe program components – preventative maintenance(vacuuming & walk off mats), appearance/interim cleaning(shampoo/counter rotational mist and scrub), or restorative high performance deep cleaning

Third: we assign specific cleaning methodologies. These include mechanics and cleaning chemistry factors. If needed, we combine methods to come up with a cleaning system to achieve optimum results that are adapted to your facility’s characteristics and requirements. Some examples are hot water extraction, the use of adsorbent/absorbent compounds, dry soil removal, encapsulants, etc.

Fourth: we apply cleaning principles that are most appropriate to your facility so that maximum cleaning and appearance levels are obtained with minimum (low) residual moisture and residue.

Fifth: we take all the information and develop a customized carpet cleaning maintenance program and schedule for your facility.

1. Carpet cleaning improves the cleanliness of your facility, enhancing your company’s image, safety, and floor care investment
2. Carpet cleaning protects your investment by extending the life of your flooring, saving thousands in capital expenditure
3. Carpet cleaning improves indoor air quality
Using a combination of truck mounted and portable units, we can clean every inch of your hard surface floors
4. Specifically servicing Commercial Carpet Cleaning in the City of Laguna Niguel CA