Have you ever heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? We have! But just because something works doesn’t mean it is the best solution. At Laguna Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we saw something broken about the same old cleaning methods companies have been using for years. We knew there had to be a better way. We are striving to be the best carpet cleaners around and in the process, we’ve discovered the right way to clean.
Unlike other carpet cleaning services in Laguna that have been incorporating the same methods to lift dirt and stains off carpets for over 50 years – Laguna carpet and Tile Cleaning has taken carpet cleaning to the next level using a new approach which involves a patented “Empowered Water” cleaning technology. Best of all, the products utilized by us are green, therefore, you won’t have to concern yourself with cleaners that are often toxic and harmful to your health.
What About Carpet Deoderizers?
At Laguna Carpet and Tile Cleaning we don’t use odor masking additives or soapy residue cleaners. To put it simply, these additives don’t work. They only mask odors temporarily, while leaving carpets drenched with residues. Instead, we utilized our patented Empowered Water Technique which allows us to clean carpets fully without toxic chemicals.
Empowered Water Makes Laguna Carpet and Tile Cleaning Different
Our Empowered Water technique uses a low pressure spray, which loosens up dirt that has been embedded into your carpets. This method lifts bacteria, germs and pathogens off your carpets – leaving them utterly clean and sanitized. You’ll be left with a sparkling clean carpet that was cleansed with sanitized water, which dries quickly and without residue.
What If I’ve Used Other Carpet Cleaners And There Is Residue In My Carpet Already?
Not to worry. At Laguna Carpet and Tile Cleaning we can handle anything because we’ve seen it all. From soaked carpets filled with soapy residue to pesky odors that just won’t go away, our patented Empowered Water will get the job done no matter how many times you’ve had other companies clean your carpets.

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