It’s unlikely you evaluate your vacuuming skills on a regular basis. In most circumstances, it is a pretty thoughtless task. However, you can’t keep your carpet looking great for years to come without the right technique.
If you correct the common vacuuming errors most people make, you will love the results and the long-term savings.
1. Making the task a race
And they’re off, like a herd of turtles!
It’s a busy world, and you probably do not want to spend more time than absolutely on household chores.
Most people will turn on their vacuum and start power walking around the house until the surface looks sufficiently clean. This, however, is not as effective as you think.
When you move too fast, you don’t give the vacuum enough time to pick up debris from below the surface. This means your carpet will lose its newness and shine quickly. Instead, move slowly and repeat the same motion several times.
This technique will remove up to 85 percent of dust and allergens, while also making high-traffic patterns less noticeable.
2. Not vacuuming enough
How often should you vacuum?
The right answer: every day.
Realistically, this won’t happen. Instead, consider at least sweeping the high traffic areas near the doorways and hallways several times a week. Then, vacuum the floors at least once a week. Finally, try to get under furniture and do a more thorough job at least once a month.
3. Waiting too long to empty the bag
Nobody enjoys changing a vacuum bag. It involves trying to not spill several weeks of dust on the floor. Ignoring this chore is like not changing your car’s oil on the right schedule.
Not changing the bag will make your vacuuming efforts less effective, but more importantly, you will damage the motor.
If possible, try to clean the vacuum outside to eliminate any concerns about dropping debris back into your home.
Go the extra mile: clean the “brush roll” or “beater roll.”
4. Not vacuuming in both directions
Many people will vacuum in one direction only. The problem with this technique is you only grab half of the dirt and dust. If you look closely at your carpet, you will notice fibers are twisted together and require multiple directions to clean the surface properly.
5. Ignoring the attachments
Stop bashing your vacuuming against the baseboards hoping to get the dirt. Your vacuum has attachments for a reason.
Get familiar with the different tools on your vacuum, and use them in your vacuuming routine. It’s worth it because getting closer to the baseboards and in those hard to reach places will further reduce allergens in your home.
6. Dusting the furniture after you vacuum
Sometimes, there is a right and wrong order to clean in your home. You shouldn’t dust your furniture after you vacuum your floor because it would be counterproductive.
Before you dig the vacuum out from the back of your closet, grab your dusting supplies and clean off the tables, baseboards and ceiling fans in a room.
7. Never moving the furniture
If it looks clean it is clean, right?
Just because you can’t see underneath the furniture in your home, it doesn’t mean it isn’t dirty and in need of a thorough vacuuming. Furthermore, leaving your furniture in one place for extended periods of time is really hard on your carpet and will limit the lifespan of the surface.
8. Vacuuming over hard objects
It’s easy to just zoom over a small rock or other hard objects. It seems like it won’t cause any problems, but it is highly advisable not to get into this habit.
Pick up all the visible hard objects on the floor before vacuuming, because you could do damage to the inside of your vacuum cleaner. Really, it only takes vacuuming a hard object once to land you in a repair shop or worse, replacing a vacuum.
9. Operating with the wrong settings
Some vacuums allow you to adjust the height, and choosing the wrong setting could make be damaging to the vacuum or simply make your efforts ineffective.
The best strategy is to listen to your vacuum. Does it sound like it is working properly? If not, adjust the height until it is a better fit for the surface.
Don’t forget, even with the best vacuuming technique, you will need to deep clean your carpet to ensure it stays fresh and clean. At Laguna, Carpet Cleaning we believe nothing works better than the hot water extraction method (steam cleaning).

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